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Spread Order

Spread Order What is a Spread Order? A spread order is an advanced order that has multiple legs/orders within a single order. There are 2 types of spread orders SP order 2L, 3L and 4L orders   SP Orders SP orders are used primarily for two reasons Trade Calendar Spreads Roll-over existing positions Let’s understand them better.   Calendar Spreads At its core, a calendar spread order performs two actions simultaneously Going long (buying) on one scrip/contract Going short (selling) on another script/contract, and vice versa Here, the desired scrip/contract is of the same underlying. Let us explain further... Scrips of the same underlying with different expiry dates are available at different prices. This price difference is known as the Spread. Traders initiate a calendar spread order with the intention of profiting on the movement of this Spread. Say Nifty Sept is trading at Rs.9800 and Nifty Oct is trading at Rs.9900, the price difference between these contracts, ie Rs.100 is known as the spread. And this is indicated as a...