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What is DP pool inter settlement charge and how much is the charge? When does this happen?

It is a charge of Rs. 14.5 + GST by the Broker to a client when he/she sell a stock before it is credited to his/her Demat account.

Suppose you have bought stock today which is also called as the T-day (Trading day) but this stock takes T+2 days to credit to your Demat account and any sell order before the stock is credited to your Demat account it results in DP pool inter settlement charge as the stock need to be moved directly from the Pool account.


Scenario Stock are bought On Stock supposed to be credited in Demat a/c as per settlement cycle
1 Monday Wednesday
2 Wednesday Friday
3 Wednesday Monday
4 Friday Tuesday


Please Note* In scenario 1, 2, and 4 the stocks are deposited/settled as expected on T+2 day but for scenario 3 the stocks are deposited/settled on T+3 day since there was a stock market holiday on either T+1 or T+2 day and as result the stock deposit/settlement got postponed to the next possible Trading day.